Candle Refills

Are you tired on spending all of your hard earned money on candles?

Let us be your saving grace! 

You can sleep easy knowing that you are saving your pennies, and doing your bit to create a sustainable environment, everyone wins!

We will refill your empty candle vessels for just a fraction of the price! Here is what you need to do.



1. Ensure that your vessels have been properly cleaned (you can do this by running boiling water over it, allow to sit and cool, then remove excess wax and wash with warm soapy water)

2. Get into contact with our TEAM on 0402880915, or alternatively email

3. Depending on your location you can drop off to our warehouse, or arrange to have it collected for a small driver fee.

4. Give us just a couple of days and that empty candle jar will find its way to our pouring team and be filled with our premium, sustainably sourced soy wax and your choice of scent.

5.  It will then find its was back to your doorstep and the process will be complete!