Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does shipping take if I live in Australia?

We dispatch within 5 days of taking the order


How long does shipping take if i live in Melbourne?

Orders are despatched within 5 business days of receiving order, usually shorter, shipping varies dependant on your location and carrier


How many hours burn time do your candles have?

This various from size of vessels.  Visit each product page to see the burn time of each individual product


How many candles come in the Spa Light Pack?

6 in total


How many Candles come in the Tea Light Pack?

10 in total


Are you guys Australian made?

Yes, we are proudly Australian made, individually hand poured


What kind of wax do you guys use?

Natural Soy wax is our choice of wax as it maximises scent throw.  We source ethically and organically produced soy wax