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Tea Light Candle Collection

Add a touch of warmth and relaxation to your home with these vegan-scented tea light candles from Wicked Candle.

Our candles are made with 100% natural soy wax and the finest fragrance oils for an unmatched scent throw. Moreover, tea light candles come with a natural, lead-free cotton wick and contain zero paraffin, palm oil and other animal by-products for a truly clean, non-toxic burn.

With a wide array of soothing scents to choose from and a minimalist form factor, each tea light candle in our collection is expertly hand-poured right here in Australia and designed to be a perfect match for any occasion and fit any space around your home.

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What are tea light candles?

Tea light candles are small, often cylindrical, designed to burn for between two to five hours. They get their name from their historical use as teapot warmers.

These days, however, people primarily buy tea light candles to use as decoration around the home. This is because when lit, they emit a soft, flickering flame that creates a cosy and intimate ambience.

If you want to elevate the experience even further, you can opt for scented tea light candles — like the ones we have — instead. You can use them to set the mood at dinner, create a spa-like atmosphere during baths or add a touch of elegance to your special events.

Our soy-scented tea light candles are economical and eco-friendly as well. They not only burn slowly but can also be easily refilled.

What do I need to consider when buying tea light candles?

If you’re looking to buy tea light candles, you need to consider these three simple things:

  • Materials — The cleaner the materials used, the cleaner and safer the burn. This is why we only use 100% natural soy wax, premium fragrance oils, and lead-free cotton wicks not only in our scented tea light candles but also in all our other candles — including our large travel tin collection.
  • Scent — Different scents evoke different feelings for different people. If you’re buying tea light candles for your home, make sure you choose a scent that makes you think happy thoughts so you always start and end your day in a good mood. Buying them as a gift or as giveaways at your event? You can never go wrong with the relaxing, spa-like scents in our collection, like green tea & lemongrass and bamboo. And if you want to appear even more thoughtful, you can add a touch of personalisation to your orders.
  • Pack size — As a general rule, getting more than one tea light candle per order is more cost-effective than getting them one at a time because you don’t have to pay repeatedly for shipping — which is perfect because our scented tea light candles come in boxes of 10.

What are the benefits of soy tea light candles?

Aside from everything we’ve seen so far about soy tea light candles being clean and non-toxic, another big benefit of 100% natural soy wax is its superior scent throw. This means despite their small size, soy-based scented tea light candles — like the ones in our collection — can easily fill an entire room.

In addition, soy wax is more resistant to tunnelling, more receptive to fragrance oils and easier to clean because it’s water soluble.

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