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Create a spa-like experience in the comfort of your home with premium scented oil diffusers. 

Each Wicked Candle scented oil diffuser comes in a 100 ml glass amber bottle with six black reed sticks. Our diffusers offer a safer, more convenient alternative to traditional candles, allowing you to indulge in a worry-free aromatic experience. 

Envelop your space with spicy, fruity, earthy and floral notes. Choose from various scents, from delicate florals to the earthy richness of bamboo and the calming essence of green tea.

Besides filling your space with calming, restorative scents, our reed diffusers add an elegant touch to any surface.

Buy diffusers in Melbourne now and enjoy captivating scents that soothe and invigorate your senses.


Reasons to love our scented oil diffusers

Transform your space into a refreshing, luxurious retreat with Wicked Candle’s reed diffusers. 

Discover the benefits of switching to our scented diffuser sticks:

1. Longer lasting than candles

Our scent diffuser sticks fill your living spaces with a longer-lasting fragrance than most candles. They don’t burn out and can last for weeks or even months on one refill. They’re also more cost-effective since they don't need frequent replacements like candles do.

2. Subtle and continuous fragrance

A scented oil diffuser releases aromas more slowly than candles, making it a suitable choice for smaller rooms. 

Despite their subtle scents, our reed diffusers leave a lingering fragrance that creates a pleasant and inviting ambience. 

3. No electricity and open flames

The best thing about our reed diffusers is that they offer a safe and hassle-free way to add fragrance to any space.

Scent diffuser sticks don’t need matches, aerosols or electricity to work. Once they’re set up, they can be left unattended without worrying about fire hazards. 

4. Low maintenance

Reed diffusers require minimal attention, leaving no mess or residue behind. Unlike candles, there's no need to monitor melting wax or trim wicks. Simply set our scent diffuser sticks in the bottle and let them do their magic.

5. Easily customisable

Scented oil diffusers let you adjust the intensity of the fragrance by adding or removing reed sticks. If the scent is too light, simply add more sticks. You can also enhance the scent by flipping the sticks once a week.


A scent for every mood and occasion

Whether you prefer floral aromas or warm and woody notes, we’ve got you covered. Our scented oil diffusers come in a range of fragrances: 

  • Citrus and basil
  • Sweet lemongrass
  • Orange and vanilla
  • Sandalwood and lime
  • Rose and green tea
  • French pear
  • Green tea and lemongrass
  • Bamboo
  • Cassis and fig

Wicked Candle also offers an array of candle refills and delightful travel tins that make great gifts and tokens. 

Looking for a more personalised touch? Our candle branding service is perfect for businesses, events and corporate functions. From pouring your candles to designing packaging that suits your style, we're here to turn your vision into reality. 

Ready to elevate your space? Buy diffusers in Melbourne today and indulge in luxurious scents and tranquil vibes. For wholesale enquiries, feel free to contact our team today.



How do reed diffusers work?

First, a mixture of scented oils is poured into a small bottle. Then, reed sticks are gently placed inside. As the oils soak into the sticks, they release their aroma into the air, infusing your space with enchanting scents.

Are Wicked Candle diffusers safe to use around pets and children?

Wicked Candle products are carefully crafted using natural ingredients and are free from harsh chemicals. However, we recommend placing your diffuser out of reach from pets and children to avoid accidental liquid ingestion.

Where can I place my scented oil diffuser?

Reed diffusers can be placed in offices, bedrooms, bathrooms, foyers and entryways.

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